Why Some Consider Rolex Luxury Watches A Waste?

Why Some Consider Rolex Luxury Watches A Waste?

A few weeks ago the newspapers gave news of the innovations presented at the annual watch fair held In Switzerland. They presented their new models the best producers in the world, including the inevitable Rolex. It is a brand that has so many things to boast about, but perhaps the most important is that more

A few weeks ago the newspapers gave news of the innovations presented at the annual watch fair held In Switzerland. They presented their new models the best producers in the world, including the inevitable Rolex. It is a brand that has so many things to boast about, but perhaps the most important is that more than half of the luxury watches that can exhibit the prestigious certificate of precision of the Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres are produced by Rolex. In short, when we say “as precise as a Swiss watch”, we could even say “as precise as a Rolex”! Of course, for a Rolex you have to spend at least five thousand euros, but it’s worth it.


And if we wanted to have an even more precise clock, let’s say ten times more precise? how much money do we have to invest? I tried to ask a long time ago to a class of good economics students, without any answer. Here it is: you have to spend about ten euros. Any discrete quartz clock, analogue or digital, which is (for example, like the style of the ’80s that are back in fashion on the wrists of young people) is on average ten times more precise than a Rolex. And if we really want to exaggerate, we can spend a hundred euros for a radio-controlled clock, and then the precision will be (as would Uncle Scrooge) a million times bigger. Fame usurped that of the precision of the Rolex? In no way. They are a precision prodigy to be entirely mechanical, but not absolute. Moment of perplexity: what does it matter to me that it is all mechanical an object that must say that it is now? maybe an hour measured mechanically has a better taste, like the artisan pizza with cheese compared to the industrial snacks? Definitely no. And yet people continue to buy Rolex luxury watches. Ask yourself why it allows us to reflect on many aspects of human behavior. Let’s try to find some reason.

Rolex Luxury Watches are attractive

Rolex watches are bought because they are beautiful, and human beings love to surround themselves with beautiful things. We try to erase everything that is done only in the name of beauty, and we realize how many things would disappear around us, or maybe they would be reduced to anonymous boxes. Obviously even the most sober functionality has its own charm (the Bauhaus artistic movement was born for example from here, the ultra-simplified print characters of fashion today have their origin there), but the important thing is that what is appreciated is not only the achievement of a function, but also the way in which this function is obtained.

At other times the beauty is then completely disconnected from a function, for example when you buy a painting to decorate a wall, or even a vase that you know very well that will never be filled with water or flowers. Obviously contemporary art can not be simplistically defined as a search for “beauty”, but the discourse would not change much: the important thing is that in the fact that an object is experienced something happens that has nothing to do directly with its use. But this does not explain everything: Rolex watches are beautiful, but as much as others, and in any case it is not their beauty that costs so much (so much so that there is a more or less legal market of limitations, which are as beautiful as the original ones they are disdained by those who want a Rolex).

Rolex Luxury Watches are original

Here then a second reason: Rolex luxury watches are bought because they are real Rolex: for the charm of the brand, in short, because it is nice to know to own it and maybe exhibit it. A brand means a story (which can sometimes be very interesting) and human beings do not just want things that work, but also things that remind them of something human, an adventure, a conquest, a success, or something similar.

Rolex Luxury Watches The Brand

The third reason is related: a brand also means a price. Here we should not think only of pride in being rich. Although it may seem strange, all human beings in fact also love the seemingly useless waste : because this immediately gives value to things. This is why an object made with months of expensive hand work appears full of value even when the same result can be achieved with ten minutes of machine work. Even Jesus praised the waste on one occasion ( apóleia , in Greek), saying that in the end only this would be remembered (a “waste” for love, of course he meant).

Rolex Luxury Watches mechanical miracle

And this brings us to a fourth reason: Rolex luxury watches are bought because they are a miracle of mechanics. Of course, the same thing (and even better) can be achieved in an easier way, but the mechanics maintain its charm because it appears closer to human sensitivity: the mechanics can be seenand you can almost touch it. It is the direct extension of the first experiments that any child performs with the things he sees around him: but it is a prolongation that requires a very special genius, a creative ability to think about space and its organization. A waste of intelligence, we could say. This is why some luxury watches proudly show their internal mechanisms with transparent boxes. Replicating that a quartz watch is much more precise does not have any sense from this point of view: it would be like saying that a motorbike runs a hundred meters much faster than the best athlete in the world. We all know it, but what interests us is precisely the enterprise accomplished by an athlete.

It is very interesting to see that none of these four reasons is “cheap” in a trivial sense. Each of them refers to something deeper, to something that “we do not eat”, but expresses a symbolic value: a very crucial theme on which we will have to return, and which tells us a lot about human nature and what is really worth, and also of the intolerable crudity with which we sometimes speak of “what is needed” and “what is not needed”. There is nothing inhuman and stupid about spending five thousand euros on a watch. And of course it is also an intelligent choice to buy a clock ten times more precise, and thus save four thousand nine hundred and ninety euros to use them for other beauties, other stories, other waste, other humanity.


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