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  • The US  Census Bureau is preparing for the 2010 US Census. Recently, NNEDV staff met with the Census Bureau to get some clarification about the security and confidentiality of their data collection.  They were highly responsive to concerns, and have some of the strongest (if not the strongest) procedures, policies, and penalties in place regarding nondisclosure of census info.  The number of people who can access census data is EXTREMELY limited, and they have additional privacy procedures in place for high risk populations, which includes residents of domestic violence shelters.  NNEDV feels very comfortable that they are truly acting in the best interest of survivors. 

    NNEDV encourages you to participate in the 2010 US Census - especially since there are ways for survivors and shelters to participate without sharing their name, former address, and other identifying information.

    More info on the logistics of this will come in late 2009/early 2010. The official census count will not take place until 2010. 

    Below, you will find additional information from NNEDV along with samples of forms, a fact sheet created by the Census Bureau, and a sample official Census ID badge.

Click to Download:

Fact Sheet from NNEDV

Census Bureau FAQ

Sample Form

Sample Official Census ID Badge


  • NNEDV is excited to announce the 2009 Women of Color Leadership Policy Scholarship Program generously supported by the Verizon Foundation.  Click here for a copy of the program overview and scholarship application. 
  • President Obama Declares April to be Sexual Assault Awareness Month on April 8, 2009! See the official Presidential Proclamation here.

  • There is a lot of media attention around Rihanna and Chris Brown that is not likely to dissipate for some time.  NNEDV has released talking points, which may be helpful in answering questions from the media and others.  Click here to download.

If you are in immediate danger, call 911. For resources in Tennessee call 1-800-356-6767 or 1-800-799-7233 (National Domestic Violence Hotline).

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