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Batterers' Intervention Programs

The Domestic Violence State Coordinating Council has adopted rules for certified Batterers’ Intervention Programs and an application process by which programs may apply, have their program reviewed, and receive a letter from the (DVSCC) stating they have met the required minimum standards as prescribed by Tennessee Code Annotated § 36-3-601.  A growing number of judges are using these certified programs when they exist in the local community. Before a Batterers Intervention Program can be certified, it must consult with the battered women’s program serving the county or judicial district in which the program is located for the purpose of establishing procedures to ensure the victims’ safety and accountability, as well as establishing a cooperative working relationship to invite monitoring, networking, information sharing, and mutual support among programs. To apply for certification, completed applications and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Tennessee Coalition Against Domestic And Sexual Violence.  The application will be screened for the appropriate completed documents, mandatory forms, and curriculum content.  Then the application will be forwarded to the certification committee of the DVSCC to start the process.  The certification committee will review the application for and assess the program’s philosophy, methods and procedures, for how it holds batterers accountable and maintains victim’s safety. The certification committee reports their findings to the DVSCC and a vote is taken by the DVSCC to certify or deny certification. If a program is denied certification, the committee will outline the areas the program needs to address and provide technical assistance to the program on what changes should be implemented to meet the standards. After the program receives technical assistance, the DVSCC will reconsider their request.

Several batterer intervention programs in the state have applied for certification and the DVSCC will have the opportunity to help communities improve their coordinated response to domestic violence by having certified programs in local communities to assist in keeping victims safe and holding batterers accountable.

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