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Tennessee Domestic Violence
State Coordinating Council

The Tennessee Domestic Violence State Coordinating Council (DVSCC) was established through legislation on July 1, 1995 to develop model policies and training curriculums for law enforcement agencies and the courts and batterers' intervention programs (BIPS).

The goal of the project is to improve the response of the criminal justice system to domestic violence through the development of state leadership and judicial and law enforcement education.

The Tennessee Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (TCADSV) staffs the DVSCC and its committees.  If you have questions about the Domestic Violence State Coordinating Council please contact TCADSV.

Contact TCADSV at:

Toll-free in Tennessee:
(800) 289-9018

Telephone: (615) 386-9406
Fax: (615) 383-2967
E-mail: tcadsv@tcadsv.org

2 International Plaza Dr.
Nashville, TN 37217

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